Polymers, Colloids & Interfaces, Invited lecture

Performance at Interfaces – from hair to ceramic tiles

D. Kuppert1
1Clariant, Frankfurt, Germany -

Chemistry and materials are at the heart of the specialty chemicals industry. Customer focus and innovation are the keys to success in that industry. By working closely with customers, we translate unmet market needs into leading-edge technologies and performance product solutions to add value to our customers and to reduce our impact on the environment. To enable us to do that efficiently the leverage of international scientific expertise and knowledge with industry know-how is necessary.

Different kinds of interfaces and the interaction of molecules with those interfaces play a crucial role in the development of high-performance products. Even if understanding the interactions of chemical compounds at interfaces is challenging, it constitutes a highly valuable approach for the development of new and innovative solutions.

Practical examples will be presented how such an understanding of interaction at interfaces lead to the development of e.g. new polymers with optimized topologies and innovative bio-based surfactants with outstanding performance properties in different application areas. The applications will cover such diverse fields like e.g. hair conditioning agents, auxiliaries for cleaning polyester fabrics or hard surfaces like bathroom or kitchen tiles.